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Bill Hubbell whubbell at cox.net
Mon Jul 31 00:09:44 EDT 2006

Alice faithfully delivered me to my home in Virginia Beach this evening 
about 9pm, completing the 650 mile trip from Buffalo in about 12 hours.  I 
could have been home sooner except for all the breaks I took to recover from 
the heat of the day.  I was glad I had bought one of those Rubbermaid 
electric cooler/console/armrest thingies that the Sears vendor was selling. 
I think I drank about 4 gallons of fluids on the way home today and it was 
nice and cold!  (Alice, on the other hand, drank about 27 gallons of gas and 
1/2 quart of oil).

On one of my stops I bought some ear plugs which made the rest of the trip 
much more pleasurable - just heard a soft whisper of wind and faint purring 
of other cars, even with the windows wide open.  The only downside of the 
ear plugs is I might not have heard the engine if it started detonating, but 
it behaved itself so all is well.

I imagine there are a bunch of folks in PA and MD wondering who that crazy 
nut in the Corvair was as we passed them at 80 mph or whatever.  I had an 
interesting tangle with a modern Mustang for awhile, but I eventially lost 
him in the traffic.

All told I enjoyed myself at the Buffalo show - had a good time in the 
autocross, messed around with a bunch of Stock Corvair enthusiasts (and 
discovered a previously "unknown" Corvair in the process!), and got to talk 
with a lot of great people.  Sure, there were some bumps in the road, but 
that is water over the falls (in this case).  Nobody got hurt, no Corvairs 
were damaged, and everybody who wanted to have a good time was able to do 

But, if there are some of you out there who still feel like complaining, 
please send those complaints to me or one of the other directors - we are 
the ones who might be capable of doing something about it.

Now, to bed!

Bill Hubbell
CORSA Eastern Director
President, Stock Corvair Group 

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