<VV> Re: Convention 2

Eric Kirven efki at gte.net
Mon Jul 31 01:45:05 EDT 2006

Smitty Says:  "....In that post I mentioned that one of my friends had a 
hard time getting a pass to park his Corvair on hotel property. When he 
checked out he found that they had added $6 a day to his bill for 
parking. Folks, that is absolutely a pile of crap that one who stays at 
a hotel should not have a place to park his car on the premises without 
additional charge.


I had to do a bit of traveling for work. This practice of charging for parking even as a registered guest is becoming more and more common. Make the rooms seam cheaper i guess. The one I really hate is when they want to charge you $3.00 for "free local calls" whether you use the phone or not.


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