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Mon Jul 31 08:11:25 EDT 2006

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> I sent this to Chuck S . . . you might even want to add it to the list.
> I found out I hadn't put in the galley plugs until I had the block
> together.  No problem, just put them on the end of an extension and go
> through the holes in the cam gear.  Well, one of the holes was almost
> the exact same size as the plug.  It placed just enough tension on the
> plug to dislodge it from the extension and the little bugger fell
> behind the cam gear  . . . had to take the block apart to get it.
> Stephen U
Hi Stephen .. hey , you gotta be THE patient with the most patience !!!
Did you see the movie GroundHog day?
.... and I haven't even started on tearing mine apart yet, I don't have room
on the floor for all the part baskets ... hmmm maybe that shade tree out
back of the shop .... nah, wouldn[t have it done by snowfall ...

hang in there ... of course I told my wife that as she went thru 12 hours of
labor ... easy for ME to say, I think was the cleaned up reply ...

reargards, ken campbell, iowuh simplifyer guy

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