<VV> Saved by a fuel filter

Clark Hartzel chartzel at comcast.net
Mon Jul 31 10:05:37 EDT 2006

Hydraulics 101 says filters should be on the "pressure" side of a pump but
some previous owner of my Corvair installed a fuel filter in the line just
behind the firewall inside the engine compartment.  On my way home from the
convention my car started missing, cutting out and slowing down.  I pulled
over and checked my Pertronix ignition and it was still putting out 3/4"
spark jumps from the cap to the spark plug wires so I knew it was a fuel
problem.  Pulled into a gas station and filled up the tank.  Drove over to
the side of the station and replaced the fuel filter with a new one I carry
in my tool kit.  Only took a couple of minutes as the clamps were spring
rings.  The old filter was full of gunk and rust from the 41 year old fuel
tank.  I'm glad I didn't have to pull bronze stones out of two carbs and
replace them as it would have been a major undertaking in 90 degree heat
plus the hot engine compartment.  Car ran fine all the way home after that.
I even remembered to go buy another filter for a spare after getting home.
By the way, use metal filters that won't melt and cause a fire!
I also had the four screws that hold the engine cooling fan to the hub come
loose at the convention.  Good thing I had a 5/16 nut driver with me to fix
that.  Be prepared!  Trouble can and will happen when you drive a 41 year
old car.
Clark Hartzel

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