<VV> EM shocks

DONALD MEYER weldvair at embarqmail.com
Thu Nov 1 10:55:04 EST 2007

I have a 64 conv't (PG) that I am completely restoring & need to buy rear shocks before driving it on the road for the first time. I have new low pressure gas shocks from Auto Zone on the front. I generally like to buy from local merchants if the parts are available.  

For the rear..... do you  recommend a low or high pressure shock.  

I do not drive my car very aggressively. This is a stickly a street car, but do not want a lot of bounching . I am looking for a medium firm ride, 

Any comments & discussion would be greatly appreciated.appreciated. 

Don Meyer, PhD-M.E. 

PS-I know that one person on the web is using a Dodge Trk. front shock(KYB-5433)

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