<VV> A v8 even 4dr lovers will like!

Matt Nall nalllm at verizon.net
Fri Nov 2 19:24:41 EST 2007

Lonny... you need to get out more often and look at the v8's!!!   The BEST 
way to get a front radiator to cool in a Vair  is the HOLES.....a LOW 
pressure area....
those that use the underside of the trunk.....that's a HIGH pressure 
area.....tells you how  hard they drive them!

PS... you do not drive cars like these in the rain.. they are GO FAST 
TOYS...nothing more...

Matt Nall
All Vairs!
Lots of Corvair Technical info!

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From: "Lonny Clark" <lclarkpdx at gmail.com>
> I really love how he decided to let the air out of the front. Cut holes in
> the top of the fenders -brilliant. Those will work really well with Oregon
> weather. 

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