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Nothing is missing.  That is an opening to hook up a trailer - which is way 
harder to find than the Rampside itself.

Later, JR

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Over the weekend we went on a trip to get away for awhile.  Took the
kids to Kaleidoscope and the Hallmark center in Kansas City, they really
enjoyed it and spent 4 hours in Kaleidoscope.  On Sunday we were headed
to the zoo but needed to kill an hour.  The wife said I would like to go
into the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall (Kids heard BORING).  So off the
highway I went to turn back and go to the Antique mall.  While walking
around I of course searched every booth that had cars looking for a
model corvair, none were to be found.  Then the last several rows I was
playing around with the little one and went zooming past several booths.
A cry came out from my nine year old, "Dad a Rampside".  Brakes came on
and I quickly went back thinking I would find a want-a-be rampside.
When she pointed it out to me I couldn't believe my eyes, there on the
shelf was a Structo Rampside.  Even better it was in really good shape,
the ramp was still attached and operating.  The windshield was cracked,
and something missing off of the back (tailgate center).  Other than
that it was in excellent shape.  Needless to say I bought it!

Sorry for the KC Corvair bunch, but there was only one.

Now the questions, What is missing off of the back (tailgate center)?
Did the Structo company identify any toys as Corvair95?  What other
colors were they made in or is red it?  What is the typical going rate
for these (purely to see if I got a great buy, sorry not going to sell)?
Is there a way to repair the cracked windshield?


Keith Hammett

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