What good is FM? Re: <VV> listening to am radio one corvair guy... doesnt

FrankCB at aol.com FrankCB at aol.com
Wed Nov 7 18:09:01 EST 2007

I wouldn't bother to install an FM-capable  radio.  In my area (New York City 
region) there is only ONE FM station that  provides the classical music that 
I will listen to so I'd rather have CD  capability than FM.
    Frank "set in his ways" Burkhard
In a message dated 11/7/2007 4:46:33 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
corvairbo at yahoo.com writes:

listening to am radio is great. you get opinions...humor... evidenceof  the 
facts.. so many things that ... fm radio fails to provide. anybody ever  
listened to bob lassiter. great talk personality   trey in cuba  n.y.

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