<VV> towing a corvair

kenpepke at juno.com kenpepke at juno.com
Wed Nov 7 18:23:11 EST 2007

Bob Marlow said [In part]

Oog.  I don't like this plan at all.

Tow dollies did not exist when the Corvair was new.  Tow bars 
did.  Tow dollies were invented to tow front-wheel drive cars, once 
front wheel drive cars became prevalent.  Tow bars were used prior to 
that time.

Bob is right.  Tow bars do give better control than tow dollies ... They have both been 
around for a lot of years but neither should be considered for high speed transportation.  
No matter if you put the front up or the back up there will be some speed when that tail will start waging the dog.  Putting the front up  is my choice.  Either way should be limited to 
45 to 50 MPH ... I know there are some that think it is OK to go much faster but if you do there is no margin of safety left should a problem arise.

A long fast trip like the one contemplated should only be done with a trailer.

Ken Pepke 

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