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Ken Campbell deltainc at grm.net
Thu Nov 8 21:15:45 EST 2007

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From: "Eric Prosise" <eprosise at hotmail.com>
Subject: <VV> Am Radios...

Why AM, FM, or CD?  I added an Mp3 input to my STOCK '66 AM Radio,
Eric Prosise
Hi Eric, remember me, you helped load a vair engine into the back of my
pickup several years ago ....

So where did you insert the MP3 gadget signal into the am radio ....  any
tricks to it?  Sounds like a really cool idea ..... could show my buddies
how those old AM vair radios can really pick up great music stations ... heh
heh ...

thanks for any ideas ...  ken campbell, average southern Iowa redneck ...

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