<VV> smokey heat

Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Thu Nov 8 22:13:23 EST 2007

Your PG question has been answered, so here is the O-Ring answer:

A good rule of thumb on Corvair engines is to open the damper doors and 
look at the exhaust manifold clamps. Three on each manifold. If any 
clamps are wet with oil, replace the pushrod tube o-rings.

There are many other places to leak though! gggg

And don't forget to clean the top of the head and oil cooler.

Gunk spray engine cleaner has been used for years to get engines clean 
enough to see where the leaks are starting.

Frank DuVal

Ray Rodriguez wrote:

>     Heat is a priority in this car since I'll be driving it year round.  I replaced the rotted heater hoses and now things are nice and toasty but very smokey!  After driving the car for 15 minutes then parking and letting it idle for a minute I opened the door and it was like something out of a cheech and chong movie!!! <ggg>
>     My first step will be to remove and clean the lower shrouds.  This car already has viton o-rings but they are old.... suppose I might have to replace them depending on what I find.  What else should I do to eliminate smoke and stink from the heater system short of a total rebuild (this is just a quickie driver project, not a resto).

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