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Do a search on the net for jeep anti-theft systems.  There is a guy that talks about using a reed switch, and tells how to disable the electrical system with it and I think he uses a relay as well.  All you need to do to start is run a magnet over the reed switch and turn the key.  Should be simple to do on a corvair.  All of the guys parts are available at Radio Shack.
I think I would wire it to the starter and also the coil.  Keep them from turning the engine over, but if they are smart enough to get past that then have the coil as a back up.  Still not fool proof but a good way to delay them.
Keith Hammett
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> If you're 'one of those types' with an electric fuel pump, install a 
> hidden toggle switch under your dash or seat.  At least they won't get far 
> :D
> just don't forget to turn it on while you're autocrossing...DAMHIK!Barry 
> in SC2 lates, 2 earlies> Subject: <VV> Anti-theft systems> > I'm going 
> have to use my hardtop as a daily driver for a while. I > need to do 
> everything that I can to protect it from theft; an alarm, > though not 
> fool proof, is at least a line of defense. Does anyone > have any 
> recommendations at to a system or installer that would be > able to 
> install one on a Corvair. I do have the electronic ignition.> > Stephen 
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