<VV> Project planning -- front end and gas tank

Edelstein and Payne eandp at mindspring.com
Fri Nov 9 15:06:42 EST 2007

     Depending on where your car has spent time, taking down the front cross member with the suspension is not really difficult.  My son and I did that on his 65 a few years ago, and the bolts came out with normal "persuasion".  Of course his car appears to have spent it's life in Alabama and Florida.
     To lower the cross member a tansmission jack or a "motorcyle lift"  is what you really need.  The lifts are available for less than $100.  It's what we used.  The lift is also what you can use if you ever drop the drive train.
     Once the cross member is out, you can wire brush and then POR-15 it also.  
                                   Travis Payne  65 Monza coupe
                                   Raleigh, NC   65 500 coupe

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