<VV> Project planning - front end rebuild/gas tank/dual mc

Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Fri Nov 9 22:58:44 EST 2007

If there is nothing wrong with your tank, replacing it will not improve 
anything. Just seal the old tank after it dries out. You can look under 
the car now and see if the leak is in the vicinity of the filler hose or 
if a hole has developed in the tank. Tanks can develop holes in the top 
areaso sometimes it is difficult to see them. Then the new tank makes sense.

Now if it was a new car to your collection and the tank was filled with 
sludge, etc. then a new tank is MUCH easier!

Ball joints only need replacing when they are bad, not as preventive 

Suspension stays in, sway bar comes off.

Yes to replacing the brake lines while the tank is out. They can rust 
from the inside.

Dual MC is nice upgrade. Don't let it lull you into a false sense of 
safey. I have lost brakes (pedal to floor) twice on a dual MC equiped 
car. Rusty brake lines both times.

Por-15, Bill Hirsch's Miracle Paint, etc is good. Keep it off your skin. 
It has to wear off. DAMHIK. Put it on threads, it is easier to remove 
than deal with rust. That clean thread idea must have come from a west 

Frank DuVal

Chris C wrote:

> This year my 65 started leaking gas if I fill it over 1/2 way.
> So I figure on dropping the tank.
> I am guessing the filler neck is leaking.  I presume I have to remove 
> the tank to fix that, might as well buy a new tank.  And if I do I 
> have to drop the front suspension.  And if I do that I might as well 
> replace the brake line, and if I am going to do that, it would be a 
> good time to upgrade to a DUAL MC.
> The shocks are 4 years old, and the bushings are 2 years old (did not 
> do the ball joints).
> Anything else I should do while I am at it.  Figure on por-15ing 
> everywhere I can not get to with  the parts in place.  Being very 
> careful to stay away from threads.

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