<VV> oil pan leak

kenpepke at juno.com kenpepke at juno.com
Sat Nov 10 06:47:16 EST 2007

>I have an 80 hp engine recently rebuilt(low miles, 3
>years ago).  I am getting an oil leak on the left rear
>corner when its running!  It quits when I shut it
>down.  There is a cork gasket and red RTV on both
>sides of the gasket.  Tomorrow I'm taking off the
>pan(beat up some)and a friend is going to try to
>straighten it.  Will put a cork gasket back on.  Do I
>use RTV?  Why does it quit when I shut it down? 
>Thanks.  Ernie in Louisville, KY

If not the oil cooler take a look at the top of the oil
pump.  The pump driven gear shaft is pressed into
hole that goes through the housing.  That shaft can
be a little loose so oil under pump pressure will be
forced past the shaft and out the top.  Not the most
common problem but difficult to see.

Ken Pepke

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