<VV> heaters

Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Sat Nov 10 13:06:46 EST 2007

More info needed.

A. If you push the Heat lever down with the engine running, do you get 
heated air comming out of the heater ducts?

B. If you push just the Air lever down with the engine running, do you 
get slightly warmer then outside temperature air comming through the 
heater ducts?

C. If you put the heater fan switch on high, do you hear it comming on? 
You can do this with the engine off, key on to hear it better.

D. Ditto the above test in all fan speed positions (except off).

Frank DuVal

Richard/Gail Spiess wrote:

>It is nice to know that people are having heater problems.
>  Mine is greater because I do not get any heat at all.  I have had my 64 Spyder for 6 years and because it is always in storage in the winter, I have never had a need for a heater.  However, when I turn it on, nothing happens.  Since I am ignorant, how do I track down the problem?

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