<VV> Trailering fun?????

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Sat Nov 10 14:28:15 EST 2007

From: Craig Nicol <nicolcs at aol.com>
 A throttle-body 350 with 210 hp
isn't the best choice for a 15,000# truck/trailer/cargo combination.  0-60
times were measured in minutes (hours?) and the steepest grades (like the
8600' continental divide pass) reduced my speed to 25 mph.

Reminds me of the time we were coming over a pass towing 30,000lb  with a 1 ton  440  Dodge dually... I had to urinate....we didn't need to stop..I jumped out...did my thing... trotted back to the truck and jumped in...think 5 mph!!!

Matt....older and wiser!

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