<VV> Re: unsteady tachometer

Jim Burkhard burkhard at rochester.rr.com
Sat Nov 10 17:05:35 EST 2007

This was a few days ago, but I didn't see a reply to John. My guess is 
that you either have some point bounce or a worn distributor shaft.  I 
would check the points, and if that doesn't work, pull the distributor 
and check it for radial play (maybe swap in another to see if that 
helps).  My car once experienced this but it seems to have gone away 
when the switch was made to a Pertonix (II in my case, but that 
shouldn't matter). The electronic points replacement "cover" up worn 
parts that a point system wouldn't tolerate as well. Not the best way 
to fix things, but if you are contemplating switching to a breakerless 
sytem anyhow, this might push you over the edge...

please let us know what you find!

Good luck!
Jim Burkhard

John Gull wrote:
> I have a 66 Corsa -140 where the Tachometer bounces around in the higher RPM
> ranges but it is very stead at low RPM. There can be a 500 variance and so I
> am wondering if anyone has experienced this problem and what the remedy is?

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