<VV> cylinder heads for reliability

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And on top of that, spend the $$$ to have the seats deepened and redone, if  
reliability is at the top of your list. If you do that, even 140 heads will 
fit  the bill! 
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Any  non-turbo small valve head.  From your choices, I pick the 95HP  heads.
I got fed up with the 140 large valve heads years ago in our  Greenbrier.
Some like em in the payload vehicles, I don't.  Only give  you the extra HP
at the top end w/less torque at the low end.  After  repeated dropped seats,
I was done.  All Corvair heads can and do drop  seats, some just have more of
a propensity for it like the 140 heads.   There was a time when I would
flinch everytime I started up the engine when  it was cold.  Not anymore.
Went with small valve heads and never  looked back.  One thing that does
help...On a warm day after a cruise,  let the engine idle for a bit before
shutting it down.  Also, on any  head you don't know the history of....have
all the seats replaced when you  have a valve job done by shop familar with
aircooled engines.  That  way, there are usually no surprises.


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