<VV> Suspension diagram.

Chris C ricorvair at cox.net
Mon Nov 12 10:51:11 EST 2007

Anybody know where I can locate a good labeled picture of the front/rear 
suspensions?  Ordering the parts would be so much easier if I knew what 
the parts are called.

I started looking at my front/rear suspension.  My personal lack of 
knowledge is immense.  Forgive me if I use the wrong names...I am going 
by diagrams. 

_*Front end:*_
0.  I have the front of the car on a set of ramps (so its like the 
vehicle is on the ground).

1.  The ball joints would not accept grease.   Is their something wrong, 
or is it because they are under pressure (its on ramps).

2.  The tie rods can be rotated easily by hand.  Grease goes in ok. Is 
this normal.  Or do they need to be replaced?

3.  Are ball joints referred to in the shop manual as spherical joints?  
Is their an easy way to tell if they need to be replaced.  I have never 
replaced them (it sat from 72 to 96).  The ride is a bit bouncy, but at 
70 the front end feels too light anyway.

4.  Everything else looks ok at this time.

_*Rear End
*_Forgive me I could not find a diagram this morning to name the parts.  
Will try again tonight._*
*_I could not get under the car with the front end up on ramps, but I 
did notice the bar that connects the inside with the outside under the 
heavy suspension arm was noticeably loose.  The rubber bushings are so 
heavily degraded they are falling apart.

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