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Allright. It's apparantly unanimous (I hope I spelled that right). I will be installing 95 HP heads in my Rampside PG. But which ones? I have the 1965 with fresh valve job bought from Dave's Corvair Shop in Albuquerque or I can use my 1969 95 HP heads (flat combustion chamber- unlike the 1965 which has a raised step)also with a fresh valve job.So again I ask, which set?  

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>All the 140 heads I used on our Greenbrier had the valve seats replaced.
>The first set was done before I got them so I can't really count those
>because I didn't know the shop.  The next 3 sets were done by a reputable
>shop.  They were different heads a couple times.  I got sick of being
>stranded.  The addiitional HP at the top end wasn't worth it to me.  Most of
>the time, I was just wishing I had a little more low end torque so I'd push
>harder on the gas.  The secondaries would then open and all would be lost so
>I'd have to back of the throttle to get it back.  Even tried them without
>the secondaries and just blocked off the ports.  Now I had the risk of
>dropping the seats without the benefit of the added flow so what was the
>point in the end.  When that last set dropped a seat, I was done.  All those
>dropped seats had ruined days and trips I was on trying to have a good time,
>not to mention the vast amount of money wasted.  Maybe some can make them
>work in an FC in their environment and load levels; I can't.  Nothing made
>me want to quite the Corvair hobby more than the grief those 140 heads gave
>me.  They also didn't help in trying to win other people over to Corvairs.
>They saw all the problems I was having and told me they were glad they never
>got into Corvairs.  I had one person tell me they had thought of buying a
>Corvair years ago but having seen the problems I was having with the seats
>had decided not to.  All that for a lousy 20-30 HP on the freeway.  Now I
>have modified 110 heads on it and no more dropped seats.....imagine that!
>Sure did make me gun shy for awhile though everytime climbed a steep grade
>or started the engine cold.
>Your experience and mileage may vary.....
>Dan Kling
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>more to come!
>JVHRoberts said:
>> And on top of that, spend the $$$ to have the seats deepened and redone,
>if reliability is at the top of your list. If you do that, even 140 heads
>will fit the bill!
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