<VV> tranny fluid leak

James Davis jld at wk.net
Tue Nov 13 14:43:06 EST 2007

Yes, if that is the only problem.  The differential stator shaft also 
wears (that is the shaft that supports the torque convertor).  If it 
is grooved or rough, the new torque convertor seal won't last 
long.  If it is worn only on the top, it can be rotated 180 degrees; 
of course this required disassembling the differential.
Jim Davis

   At 10:54 AM 11/13/2007, Ernie Sanders wrote:
>I have a 67 coupe with a powerglide.  Have tried the
>magic stuff in a bottle and it didn't work.  Fluid is
>streaming out of the bell-housing while running, hot
>or cold.  I understand there is a bushing and a seal
>or two(?) in the hub of the torque converter.  Is it
>as simple as pulling the engine and removing the
>torque converter and installing the new bushing and
>seal(s)?  Tranny was shifting fine until the seal
>event.  Thanks in advance.  Ernie

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