<VV> tire pressure - was wobble

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Good point, Seth.  I was thinking "stock"ish classes when I wrote that. 
Street tires.
Later, JR

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> The  autocrossers (for the race) will go to 40psi all the way around.  So,
> what (if anything) does that say?
> Most new autocross tires, whether DOT "hot spec" autocross tires or even 
> the
> newer slicks run a lot less pressure than that these days. Pressure is
> commensurate with load on the tire - which also depends on the size of the 
> tire
> and the footprint. Now, on a street tire, the higher pressure helps 
> maintain the
> pattern on the ground, but for correct pressures, visual inspection of the
> contact patch is the best guideline. - Seth

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