Rick Norris ricknorris at suddenlink.net
Sun Nov 18 07:13:10 EST 2007

I agree with all of this, especially the internal corrosion. On some brake 
jobs I've done the tubing looked to be perfect. No sign of rust, even had 
the shiney look of new tubing. Inside it was real bad. I twisted some pieces 
in twoo with my bare hands.
I kept a  wheel cylinder that was one of the worst I ever saw and it was on 
a Corvair being driven. Guy said it had a pull to the left. It really had a 
JERK to the left when I drove it. I have a photo also.


> after what i have seen over the years , i would not feel safe doing just a
> flush on a brake system.  there is more than likely serious crud / and or
> pitting in all of the cylinders. unless you know for sure the condition of 
> the
> inside of the system , including tubing and hoses , it is not safe to take
> shortcuts. the only time they fail is when you need them the most.  brake 
> tubing
> that looks good can fail from the inside due to pitting .
> so jump on that pedal hard , and hold it a minute or so to make sure it
> holds.
> yes i get paranoid over brakes , because of what i have seen , and done in
> the past. just trying to save another corvair and corvair person.
> regards, tim colson

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