<VV> C.W.McCall/Bill Fries

hoekema marilynn mahoekema at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 17 11:52:29 EST 2007

I also have the albums. C.W. McCall started out as a truck driver in a commercial for a bread company in Indiana. He often stopped at the "Fill-Er-Up-and-Keep-On-Truckin" Cafe during the radio commercials. One thing led to another and the "Convoy" song hit the airwaves.
  Bill Fries is part of the Mannheim Steamroller crew with Chip Davis. Most of the success of Mannheim Steamroller is due to the income derived from the C.W. McCall character.
  Mannheim Steamroller is very successful, both in album sales and as a touring group. I also have all of the Christmas albums and it's about time to dust them off.
  Well, it's time to screw that chrome plated shifter knob back on, Earl, and head on down the mountain!
  Pete Hoekema
  '64 Monza 900 Coupe

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