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Doug Mackintosh dougmackintosh at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 19 20:56:40 EST 2007

Steve, if it's dipping down to the left, and you found more brake dust in the Left drum than the right, it sure sounds like the left is grabbing 1st or more for some reason. Mine was really wearing the LR linings, but when I tried to catch it in the act by having someone lightly press the brake while I tried rotating the rear wheels (expecting that the RR would still be free after the LR was locked) I couldn't detect a difference. But when I pulled the RR wheel cylinder, it was frozen pretty well.
  Drive your car, and when you stop feel the rear wheels. My LR wheel was hot to the touch (I could feel it through the wheelcover) while the RR was cool.
  You can clean everything with Brakleen, but if there is oil on the lining, it probably won't fix it.
  I generally adjust my parking brake to stop (can't pull it any farther) at 9 clicks, then verify they turn free when fully released. 

Stephen Upham said
  <<My Monza had a complete brake job (new cylinders [complete], shoes,  
turned drums, hoses, and springs about 1000 miles ago.  The master  
was converted to a dual at the same time.
After the first 900 miles or so, the car started dipping to the  
drivers side when stopping (1/2 -3/4 inch) last week.  That has  
dissipated while awaiting a time (today) to pull the drums.  I am  
checking the back brakes first.  The problem was that it sometimes  
seems that the brakes are sticking.  I may have located the problem  
for that in that when I put my foot under the brake pedal and push  
upward the problem goes away (of course until I press the brakes, but  
it happens intermittently).  When I lifted both rear wheels off of  
the ground, the wheels would turn fairly freely for 180 degrees and  
then encounter friction (turnable, but taunt) for the next 180.  I  
took the drums off and checked the innards.  Everything seems to be  
in order, no leaks, broken springs, loose fittings, etc.  The  
adjusters are all the way in. There was lining powder in the drums  
(1/2 table spoon appx. on the drivers and very little on the  
passenger side).  Is it ok to clean the innards (drums, cylinders,  
springs, etc.) with brake cleaner (pads too?)   Should I try to  
adjust the emergency brake?  I pulled it one click and the wheels  
were still able to be turned by hand, though taunt.  I'm a little  
afraid to get them too well adjusted as they do a good job now of  
keeping the car from rolling when pulled two or three clicks (if it  
ain't broke...).>>

  and Ned said:
  <<I adjust the e-brake to fully engage after about 7 clicks. >>

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