<VV> Lower Ball JOints and other questions

Michael Kovacs kovacsmj at sbcglobal.net
Tue Nov 20 15:27:34 EST 2007

Strut rod. Did you disconnect it from the diff? That makes the outer one easier. I work the bolt end back and forth with a BF socket with a long breaker bar. The bolt can be rusted in like welded. Sometimes I put a short, excellent 6 point socket on the bolt end and step on the breaker bar.(be careful here)  It must start to move a little, then back and forth. It will loosen eventually cause mine did!! Then a drift pin to punch it out.
   Universals? check for any evidence of rust at the caps, If so get new ones. You can remove two caps, inspect and regrease those two. 
   Any body eles got a better idea?

Chris C <ricorvair at cox.net> wrote:
  The Clarks online catalog says you need to press in the lower ball 
joints, and directs you to page M-9 for the tool. But which tool?

Also the how do I tell if my universal joints are bad. They are the non 
grease able type, but are not making any noise.

Tried to remove the rear strut rod bolt from the tire side, so rusty I 
broke the bolt trying to remove it, now it won't come out of the strut 
rod. Tried a BFH AND a spike. Seafoamed the heck out of it and figured 
on leaving it a few days. Any advice, hot, cold, dynamite. Saw liquid 
wrench had a freezing spray, is it any good? Thinking of using a clamp 
and trying to force it out.


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