<VV> Re: Lower Ball JOints and other questions

Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 20 16:53:01 EST 2007

>Also the how do I tell if my universal joints are bad.  They are the non 
>grease able type, ...
You just mean it that it is your opinion that it is too much work to take them apart to grease them, don't you?

Just because they don't have zerk fittings is no reason you can't service them, if you want to.  Also removal is a good way to inspect them for wear that may lead to failure -- they'll start to show little grooves on the cross arms.  If they are rusty, they've failed. Also a good time to replace them with what may be for you a more serviceable u-joint with an external zerk, but some folks think this type u-joint is weaker and more prone to failure -- 'spose it just depends on how hard you run 'em.



PS: is there a Bfh on page M-9, and a HD jack stand?

> > so rusty I broke the bolt < <  both ends? -- try turning it now that you've lubed it until it frees up -- oxy-acytelene works, if you can deal with the stink and fire.

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