<VV> lock nuts and safety wire

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Were they both/all loose?

I believe there was a far bigger problem than no safety wire/ cotter pins.

The installer made a series of SERIOUS mistakes (unforgiveable, really) not properly torquing the nuts, which should not have been any problem because he also should have caught himself when giving all those undercar fasteners a double check at the end of the job.  

Strike 3.

Dan Timberlake

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Or the time, (non-Vair) that my trusted mechanic, having replaced tie rods,
forgot to safety wire the castle nuts.  You know, its hard to steer an 81
Chevrolet Station Wagon at 70 mph without tie rods...don't ask how I know
this...the good part is that at the time I had top notch health insurance.

Mike (fully recovered) in Michigan

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