<VV> Yenko Serial Tag sold on Ebay -More thoughts

Rick Loving ral1963 at comcast.net
Wed Nov 21 15:35:16 EST 2007

By everything that I can tell the YS-114 tag on Ebay is an original.  I
compared it to other examples of original tags and the font, spacing,
and layout are perfect.

The most critical and easiest way to determine a fake is that the
original tags stampings were raised letters up from the face of the tag,
not stampings into the face of the tag.

There was a YS-386 tag that sold on Ebay a little while back that was
not being sold as an original, but as a repo or copy that the seller had
made.  It looked good, but was obvious that it was plate with the
letters and word impact stamped into it and not all of the letters and
numbers we the exact same font as the originals.  

I bid on it but didn't want it bad enough...

I struggle with the whole "the tag makes the car" idea but it is the
only way to pedigree the car, even though it is a little silly.

The saddest and weirdest thing is there will always be controversy about
original cars vs. re-bodied as the history behind the car defines what
it is but without the TAG it is a historic racer, not a Yenko sports

Rick Loving 

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