<VV> Found an UltraVan

cfm cfmann at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 21 17:25:34 EST 2007

I have known about this UltraVan for sometime, and have not taken the time to notify everyone. BUT now it seems like it crunch time, the wood boat sitting next to it was cut up last week, and I think she might be making a move to clean up the remainder of the site. There is an Ultravan sitting about 200 yards off of a main highway 33 in Saukville, WI (approx. 30 min. due north of Metro Milwaukee, WI). I took pictures of it this past summer, its does have a corvair engine, so i think that means its an early version. It has WI plates on it dated to 1976-1978 (can't remember). I am unclear if she owns it or not, the DMV was unable to check the plate because it was so old. I hope it doesn't get scrapped. The aluminum alone is worth $750 bucks or more nowadays.

The owner of the parcel of land that this ultravan sits on is:

Delores Prom
2557 Hwy 33
Port Washington, WI    53074-9504
(courtesy County Land Information office online)

HOME: 262-284-2944 (her home is adjacent to the aforementioned property, public record in the local phone book)

see ditipics at:

I would like to remain anonymous in the matter, if you take it further, just say a friend drove by and saw it... thanks, and good luck.


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