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On Nov 21, 2007, at 5:37 PM, Sethracer at aol.com wrote:

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> Well  guys
> I got an email from the eBay seller of the Yenko tag and he found out  
> that
> YS114 still exists. He says the tag is authentic, but since YS114 
> still  exists
> he is going to send it to the current owner of YS114. That's  cool!!!
> Bigwave Dave

I presume that was Spencer Stearns? I saw that the seller was in 
Mansfield, Ohio and immediately thought of Spence. I saw he had a Honda 
for sale that I recognized as a car he used to run at Chimney Rock. In 
answering a question about the Honda, he signed his name, "Spence".

I knew Spence when I lived near Mansfield over 30 years ago. We were in 
the Mid Ohio Sports Car Club together. He was a real Corvair nut. I 
recall he had a Corvair with six Rochesters on it! I don't know if it 
started as a two-carb engine or a 140. I never saw it run and I don't 
think it ever did very well. The last time I saw Spence was at Chimney 
Rock several years ago.

I'm not surprised he had the Yenko tag, he had tons of old Corvair 
parts, unlike most of us. I'm also not surprised he decided to send it 
to 114's owner.


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