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Well, obviously, one must be careful! I wrapped the drill bit with masking  
tape at the right depth, but holding the bit alongside the thermistor to get 
the  depth right. 
I also was VERY careful to make sure I went in SQUARE. As such, no  problems. 
After all, that's how the factory did it. You could also probably lean  the 
bit away from anything risky, and get away with it. 
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Many  years ago I drilled a 110HP head for a thermister and drilled right 
into the  head gasket sealing area.. On that head the hole location was closer to 
the  block than on the 140HP head I had.

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Whenever I've  done it, I simply drill the hole deeper and run a fine thread 
tap over the  coarse threads. Not kosher, but I've never had a problem either. 
And no parts  to make!


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