<VV> 15 inch. Chevy Rally Wheels

DaveL lynchmob at theriver.com
Fri Nov 23 00:01:35 EST 2007

I put them on my '67 a few months ago and love 'em. I used 205/60 tires with
no problems.
That combo, at least on the front, puts the speedo spot on. Not sure about
the final drive, but it seems to accel and cruise nice. And the handling on
twistys is incredible.

Dave Lynch
67 Monza 110/pg
President - Tucson Corvair Assoc.

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will 15  inch chevy Rally wheels fit on a 65 Corvair , if so what size tire
do you have to run on them , Thanks Frank From Near Erie Pa,  65 Monza

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