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Sun Nov 25 02:54:55 EST 2007

Then he states “the four door wasn’t really any less pretty”.  To  
each his
65 Corsa Convertible

Interesting, with the top up, the convertible has the same roof line  
that the hardtop has - beautiful.  With the top down, it has no roof  
line and therefore doesn't look like a coupe - from the roof line  

So, with the top up, you have what looks like a four door with two  
doors missing, (and top up or down) a lot of wind noise, and a  
significantly less rigid chassis (which is sad because Corvairs make  
excellent looking top down convertibles - they're just not a driving  
enthusiast's cup of tea, the hallmark of the Corvair).

To each his/her own.  ; - )


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