<VV> 110 HP/95 HP differences for 1968-1969

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>From my understanding the first part of your statement is true, that the 95hp smog motors had flat pistons while the 110hp engines had domed pistons.  Looking at the Head Coding section of the CORSA Tech Guide I find that while both 95hp and 110 hp heads had similar "open" combustion chambers the cylinder head code numbers are different between 110 and 95.  There are differences, but I don't know what.  Can they be interechanged . . . . I don't know that either.

Terry Kalp

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> > Folks,
> > I am still uncertain on the differences at the end of production and 
> > apologize if I am "beating a dead horse" but I am not satisfied with the 
> > present answers/opinions. Is the only difference in 68-69 AIR in the 
> > pistons? My understanding is the 95HP had flat pistons and the 110HP had 
> > the "domed" pistons.The cylinder heads were identical. Is this correct?
> > Again, I thank you all.
> > Timothy Shortle in Durango,Colorado
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