<VV> Early Rear Wheel Bearing question

Wood, Robyn K ITC(SW) wood.robyn at cvn72.navy.mil
Sun Nov 25 19:36:05 EST 2007

	Hello again all,
	One more question on my current clutch job.  When I pulled the axel shafts out of the way, I noticed that the rear wheel bearings looked like replacements.  They were an black anodized metal of some sort.  I have only dealt with original steel ones so they kinda stood out with no rust on them :).  The bearings have two plates mounted together, on the passenger side the bearing is in secured in place and seems to be fairly solid with solid non sloppy movement.  The driver side bearing seems to have a retaining ring? failure on the backside of the two pieces.  The back piece is able to slide up the axel shaft and upon inspection there is a ring of some sort that has been partially worn away allowing this to happen.  The front piece (closest to the hub), is solid and has the same amount of movement as the passenger side.  Does anyone have any experience with these bearings?  I need to know if there is a fix, or do I need to replace the assembly?  I do have a '63 parts car to pull a shaft/bearing assy out of.  I can take pictures if needed, but I will be in a class for the next week so it will be Monday evening before I can snap them.

Appreciate the assistance,
Robyn Wood, 
Whidbey Is, WA
'63 Spyder Vert.
'62 Rampside (in the works)
'62 Monza 900 (somewhere in CO)
assorted others.....

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