<VV> 50 Dollar Paint Job on 66 Coupe - Not Bad!!!!

Bill H. gojoe283 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 25 23:55:37 EST 2007


Fellow Vairers:  Here's a link to a page where a
gentlemen painted a car for $50. worth of supplies, no
additional equipment needed, just lots of elbow grease
to wet sand between coats.

He demo'd it on his '66 coupe, which he painted white
with blue Yenko stripes.

The thing don't look bad at all!!  Who says you need a
$5,000. paint job, or lots of expensive hardware?

Several others have tried it if you follow the links,
with good results virtually every time.  

In summary, you use Rust-o-leum oilbase enamel,
thinned with mineral spirits 50/50 where the paint is
like milk, then it smooths out like glass when dry. 
You use a 4" foam roller, and wetsand every other
coat.  6 or 7 coats should do it.

I didn't see any Rust-o-leum metallic colors available
in the can, but if you can use the colors that are
available, you can get pretty good results for
virtually chump change.

Hope this is helpful for those who want to paint on a
budget...Bill Hershkowitz 69 Monza Coupe 110 PG


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