<VV> New Clutch Isnt Working

Steve Brennan Alohaz at ca.rr.com
Mon Nov 26 14:20:15 EST 2007

Thanks.  My hopes are raised by your comments!

My main concern has been not to do any damage while driving the car, since 
shifting between gears is not a smooth experience.  It feels more like I am 
forcing the car into gear, rather than sliding between gears.  So, assuming 
no need to further burn-in the clutch, can I cause the pilot bushing to 
"wear in" by just having the car stand still, while in gear with the clutch 
depressed?  (On the theory that the pilot bushing will be spinning on the 
stationary input shaft, causing it to wear in.)  If not, do you have any 
suggestions on how to drive the car so the pilot bushing can wear in, while 
not doing damage to the gears/synchros?

Also, can you give me any idea how long it might to take to wear the bushing 
in, so that it releases its tension on the input shaft?  Can I achieve it in 
one day, by doing a lot of driving?  Does it matter if it is around town 
driving, with lots of stops and starts, or highway driving?

Thanks again,
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> Steve - This is the classic situation with a tight pilot bushing. Just 
> drive it around and before you know it the clutch will be working 
> normally. Lon
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> Steve Brennan wrote:
>> Unfortunately, I
>>still cannot put the transmission in reverse with the car running -- it 
>>grinds.  So in order to back up, I have to shut the car off, put it in
>>reverse, and then restart the car.  When it is time to go forward, I again
>>have to shut the car off in order to put it in first gear.  I have backed
>>off my initial clutch rod adjustment (less than no free play) because I
>>could feel the clutch slipping.

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