<VV> How accurate is your fuel gauge?

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Tue Nov 27 20:49:51 EST 2007

Gas guages are for reference only!!? They took the voltage regulators off Dashes that were in the expensive cars as well!

As has been said... 61-9 Vairs are 14 gal.? The factory left 4? below Empty..for a safety margin!? But they vary!?? I always adjust my float arm to show empty when? 12-13 gals. are gone....

I hate buying gas every 150-225 miles.....no matter what MPG I get....

my longest run on one tank.... 436 miles.... mostly downhill? highway...but it still went over 90 miles after it said EMPTY!? 33mpg...

Matt Nall
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From: David Fasgold <dfasgold at yahoo.com>
/After years of agonizing over my vair's fuel economy (it seems that you can 
actually see the needle moving toward empty sometimes) something struck me...It 
seems that the gauge reads wrong. I believe that the "halfway point" is actually 
somewhere between the indicated 1/4 and 1/2 mark. Anyone else experience this?

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