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You had a car in storage in your garage for 24 years and your wife is JUST NOW unhappy with you?

Your my hero! :^)


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Last night turned into an adventure at my house.  When I opened the
garage door there was that distinctive odor of stale gas, but where was
it coming from.  I thought that there was no gas in the tank of the 65
monzavert that has been sitting in storage for 24 years.  A quick check
under the car showed a thick black pool on the floor.  A closer look
revealed the source, the gas tank was leaking at the seam.  I think the
stuff that was on the floor could have been put back in a barrel and
sold as crude oil, it was very thick and really stunk.


I knew what had to be done and started in on the task.  The car was
raised in the front and placed on jack stands, sway bar removed, sending
unit disconnected, gas line undone (dribbled about an ounce of gas),
main and vent gas hose clamp loosened, and then the strap was taken off.
The tank dropped about an inch and then just hung there.  The main and
vent hoses were holding it up, a quick tap with a hammer and screwdriver
through the hole in the inner fender and the tank fell to the floor.  I
quickly removed it to outside and put things back on the car.  The tank
is now sitting outside with some stale gas still in it.  How does one
dispose of this nasty smelling stuff?  Anybody have any suggestions?


Short story - stored car has gas left in tank - years later it leaks on
your garage floor - makes wife unhappy with you - you have a mess to
clean up...


Keith Hammett


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