<VV> Was warning for cars in storage, now WORST Corvair mess

Craig Nicol nicolcs at aol.com
Thu Nov 29 09:55:40 EST 2007

Keith's post about his stored car leaking "crude oil" from the gas tank got
me to thinking about the worst messes I've created while working on

Several come to mind:
1) (About 30 years ago - but still in my mind) Pre garage days: changed oil
from car into drain pan.  I had to run off, so after placing newspaper on
the carpet, I carefully put oil pan with dirty oil onto floor of nicely
carpeted GB camper...  I had planned to pour it into a recycling container
when I got home, but forgot about it.  Later that week, I jumped into the GB
and drove off. Dirty oil, after a full carpet soak, was pouring out the side
door ala Niagara Falls.

2) A couple of days before the '05 Convention I changed the oil on my '66
EFI car. Note that I had it detailed for concours competition. I took off
down the street and made it about a mile before the oil light came on. As I
got out of the car, I noted a 3-foot wide oil spray pattern extending from
my location back in the direction of my house. That one required a whole
bunch of soapy water and the removal of the lower shrouds, rear air grille,
skid plate, yadda yadda yadda.

I'm sure that there will be whoppers to top these - Bring 'em on!
Craig (never met oil I coulnd't spill) Nicol

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