<VV> Turbocharging using standard 110 carburetors

JVHRoberts at aol.com JVHRoberts at aol.com
Thu Nov 29 18:03:49 EST 2007

For a Corvair, fuel pressure is easy, connect a boost reference line to  that 
little hole on top of the fuel pump. The fuel pressure will be stock +  
whatever the boost pressure is. 
Dave Binnie has the experience, as I recall, he didn't rejet much. 
Blow through is definitely better, but a must is a blowoff or boost bypass  
valve to keep things happy when the throttles are slammed. 
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FrankCB at aol.com writes:

Since carbs measure in fuel flow based on VOLUME of  air flow  and are 
grenerally calibrated based on atmospheric pressure air,  you'll  have to 
increase the 
jet sizing to allow for increased MASS  flow of the  compressed air since 
lbs/hr of air require more  lbs/hr of fuel.  Also,  the fuel pump ain't gonna 
move any fuel  when the boost pressure is 8 to 10 psig  and the outlet of the 
pump  is only 5 psig.  So you'll have to figure out  how to boost the fuel  
pressure to compensate.
Good luck!
Frank  "turbo booster" Burkhard


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