<VV> CORSA Donations

sarahvair at juno.com sarahvair at juno.com
Fri Nov 30 06:27:59 EST 2007

Back in September we talked about CORSA donations vs. CPF donations.  It has been suggested that if a club or a group were going to donate to CPF it may also be a good idea to due a 50/50 split between CORSA and CPF.
Central Florida Corvairs at their monthly meeting this week made a motion to donate $250 to the CORSA general operating fund.  I'm happy to say that the check is going out in today's mail.
We have included a nice letter thanking CORSA for the support and everything they have done for us as a Chapter and all Chapters over the years.  We also have issued a challenge for other clubs to meet or beat our donation.

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