<VV> Spyder in a Northern Illinois junkyard

Barry Johnson barry.johnson at activant.com
Fri Nov 30 12:52:22 EST 2007

A scrap hauler driving past my house this morning saw my early
convertible in the driveway and stopped to chat.
He's got a Spyder set aside in his junkyard in DeKalb, Illinois (about
50 miles west of Chicago) -- he told his boss not to scrap it.  Says
that it's in good shape with little obvious rust, although it's missing
the deck lid and perhaps some of the interior (doesn't remember if it
has seats or not).  He says the engine turns over, but needs a new
battery to get it started.  Says it's a black 2-door coupe.
He said it was the same year as my convertible ('64), but I don't know
if he could tell the difference.
I haven't seen it, don't have any pictures, and probably can't get out
there (it's about an hour away from here) until next weekend at the
earliest. I didn't ask about price, but he thought it could be a good
parts car if someone wasn't interested in restoration.
If interested, his name is Bill West and he can be reached at
JR -- know anyone in CCE that might be interested?
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