<VV> Minneapolis and back

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Sun Aug 3 13:49:16 EDT 2008

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Subject: <VV> Minneapolis and back

> The wife is not really into cars, BUT she IS into the White Sox.  I cut a
> deal with her that we'd go see them play the Twins on Wed and Thursday if
> could take the trip in the convertible. > So, right now I'm going to have
to wait for my wife's memory to fade a bit
> before I can talk here into another 850 mile trip in the Vair.
> Later, JR
About 2-4 yrs ago there was a series on tv , subject was " Women of The West
" or some such  ... lady heros who helped settle the Old West ....

Get her a tape/dvd of this, it's pretty good.  about toward the end, mention
that mayby those gals would really appreciate traveling in a Corvair (g) ...

Tell your wife ... maybe not .... that it could be worse  ...some dude on
VirtualVairs has a crownv8 with a sticky throttle ... ..  hmmm maybe I
should work on that a bit, (g) ...

reargards,  ken campbell, all stuck up in Idaway

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