<VV> Winter Storage.

Smitty Smith vairologist at verizon.net
Tue Aug 19 22:12:54 EDT 2008

I know its a bit early in most parts of Corvair-dom but was wondering if 
it is advisable to winter store a Vair on blocks, four stands or blocks 
under the four jacking points. Pros and Cons will be considered. It was 
33 degree's Celsius here yesterday so cold questions seemed to help 
alleviate the heat. Had another question but it has slipped my senior 
mind. Another time.
Bill Kronen
  Smitty says:  Here's my opinion.  Should you decide to put it on "blocks" keep this in mind.  Put the jackstands as far out toward the wheels as possible.  This will keep the suspension bushings in as near a normal position as possible.  It is a terrible stress on the rubber bushings to twist them to an abnormal position and leave them that way for months.  

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