<VV> LM 4-speed Cutch Adjustment Problem

Jeffrey Bahret bahret at emengineers.com
Fri Aug 22 11:04:16 EDT 2008

In hind sight, I should of used the old clutch disc as I was aware of 
the problems with the thicker material. But, I just couldn't bring 
myself to reuse this type of part in the process of a full rotisserie 
restoration. Anyway, to get the clutch to disengage, the linkage must be 
adjusted so that the throw out bearing is in contact with the clutch 
fingers. Even at this adjustment, the clutch disengages right at the 
floor ( the new carpet and padding also doesn't help this situation ). 
I'm down shifting every chance I get to try to get some disc wear. But, 
I don't know how many miles the throw out bearing will last under this 
condition. Has anyone come up with a solution? I was thinking of 
modifying the peddle to get more throw distance. But then the clutch 
will ride higher than the brake peddle, which I'm not crazy about. 
Please help before I hear that high pitch squeal of the throw out 
Jeff Bahret
Springville, NY

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