<VV> Fans for AC condenser

Craig Nicol nicolcs at aol.com
Thu Aug 28 19:21:30 EDT 2008

Brian wrote:

I'm looking for a 12 volt fan that will fit the 66 style AC condenser.
Anybody had any success finding/using one?


Craig replies:

I saw an air conditioned LM at the convention that had them.  The guy went
by the handle "DOC" but his first name might have been letters, like "BJ" or
something.  Was his last name Jenkins?  He spoke quite a bit during and
after the airvairs meeting, but I can't recall his name.  Does anyone have a
clue who I'm talking about?  If you want to pull air through a 66 cond in
the stock location, that would really help at idle.  Mine develops high head
pressure at idle, almost enough to stall the engine.  (yes I have good
seals, yes, I'm running R12).  If I were to do a front condenser, I'd get a
self contained condenser/fan from a late model (like 95-up) Caravan.  It's
designed for 134a and has enuf capacity to cool a much larger cabin.


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