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Sat Aug 30 20:35:00 EDT 2008

hey guys, hows it going?
powerglide update on my 69 convertible 110 and some questions
definitely was a broken e-clip (thanks bob helt). it process of dissassembly, I broke a snap ring removing one of the other valves (thanks time shortle and dave in albuquerque) removed main valve body and cleaned it and just reinstalled. A couple of questions before I proceed, mainly because the shop manual is grotesquely vague or absent on some of these things I encountered on assembly:
#1: is torquing required on the main valve body bolts (about twenty of them or so) required? I see no specific reference in the 65 or 69 shop manual about them....
#2: I cannot get the throttle valve arm to drop below the pan flange again. it needs to be 3/8" +/- as the shop manual suggests. Should I:
    a.) remove the drive selector cable to make it drop, it appears the ball end prevents this from happening, or,
    b.) loosen the 5/16" adjustment lock screw? at the TV valve to make this happen?
chris mann

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